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A storage container can have many uses, and full-scale shipping containers provide a huge amount of flexibility in what you can use them for.

Of course, if you want to reap the benefits of full-scale storage for yourself, then you need to hire storage containers from a trustworthy source.

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Finding containers for hire is not hard, but you still want to be sure that you are getting your storage containers from companies that you can rely on.

When it comes to containers, we offer a wide range of different sizes and styles in Blandford Forum to provide a cost-effective solution.

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Who are Storage Container Hire?

We are a professional containers-for-hire company in Blandford Forum that stocks a long list of shipping container hire options.

We provide our containers and other storage equipment to a range of clients, from construction sites to an independent business that needs items stored in bulk.

Every shipping container hire option we provide is checked for quality and safety.

We make sure that every one of our hire containers in Blandford Forum will be the ideal solution for our client’s problems, no matter their situation.

Why Use Us?

Our expertise in container hire has made it a major part of the containers-for-hire industry, allowing us to provide the ideal solution for whatever storage container requirements you may have.

Our work revolves around both long-term and short-term hire containers, delivered straight to whatever site or property needs them.

We can supply almost anybody with the right storage containers for their needs, no matter the situation.

Nationwide Distribution and Delivery

Operating out of the UK, we can provide a shipping container hire solution to customers all across the nation.

Every one of our hire containers in Blandford Forum has been carefully selected and maintained to provide the best possible results.

They are all suitable for a range of applications, making them an ideal solution for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

Unbeatable Prices

We aim to keep our prices low, allowing customers to hire our storage containers and equipment at an affordable cost.

Whether you are using our shipping containers for basic home renovation or on large-scale construction sites, we want our hire containers in Blandford Forum to be a hassle-free option that any customer can access at reasonable prices.

Our lower prices do not compromise our high standard of safety and quality.

Even with lower prices than average, we take care to maintain each of the storage containers we offer, making sure that they remain a hassle-free option for every client.

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Types of Containers

We stock a range of storage containers that all have their own practical purposes and niches.

Our experts will do their best to suggest the most appropriate containers for hire, taking your specific needs and requirements into account – as well as your budget.

10ft Containers Blandford Forum

Our 10-foot containers are ideal for short-term storage or for setting up temporary shipping container workspaces.

The double doors allow for easy access despite the small storage size, making these containers a perfect solution for any business that needs secure storage separate from their normal back rooms.

Using a 10ft container hire

Our 10-foot storage containers are small, but that still makes them a useful container hire option.

They can offer basic storage or contribute another storage container “building” to your site and provide extra shelter.

Most importantly, they are the smallest and lightest units we have among our shipping container hire options.

This lets them serve a number of roles in a smaller site or store a simple set of important equipment in a way that remains secure.

Despite being small, these can be some of the most practical options in our container catalogue.

The reduced size means that they are much more flexible overall and can be used on small residential properties with minimal issues.

20ft Containers Blandford Forum

Our 20-foot containers are some of the most popular, allowing you to store a huge collection of items while still retaining the easy access and compact design of the 10-foot shipping containers.

These are some of the most adaptable we offer. They can suit almost any site, provide a range of storage benefits, and be adapted into secure workspaces or dedicated equipment rooms as needed.

Using a 20ft container hire

Our 20ft container options are ideal for any mid-sized site. These 20ft container units offer an excellent solution to storage needs in a business with limited space and are easy to transport to a site without incurring an excessive delivery cost.

Even if you only keep a 20ft container for a week, that is long enough to use the storage container as an on-site workspace, dedicated storage area or even as a makeshift meeting room in an outdoor site.

30ft Containers Blandford Forum

Our 30-foot container hire options are perfect for larger-scale storage or for adding a new container-built building to your site.

The double doors allow access to a lot more space than the smaller models, making this a very versatile shipping container option.

Customers hire these for a range of different reasons. Some use it for storage, others as a standalone building, and more still as a mixture of both. The added space allows for a lot of flexibility.

Using a 30ft container hire

Every 30ft storage container we offer can be a major boon to a temporary site. These provide a less-limited option for using containers as workspaces and can be perfect for any site that needs a major boost to its storage.

On top of that, it is a good container hire option for large outdoor areas as a whole. This makes these units vital for shipping, refuse collection, transport of goods, and even limited use as part of a construction project.

40ft Containers Blandford Forum

Our 40-foot shipping containers are some of the largest on the market, acting as the ideal solution for anybody who needs to store a lot in a hurry. This added space also makes these containers perfect as a larger, more versatile workspace.

Thanks to the extra room, these are some of the most notable containers for hire that we can provide. Each container can double as an entire multi-person office or provide enough container storage space to keep equipment secure for an entire work site.

Using a 40ft container hire

Our 40ft storage container units are highly durable and flexible, all while remaining secure. This makes them a great hire option for dealing with all kinds of issues on-site, whether that is security concerns or a lack of storage space.

As the largest standard size we offer, we can work out a delivery solution that allows you to request these storage containers without having to pay over-inflated prices. We will arrange the best delivery option for your site in Blandford Forum, working with you every step of the way.

Custom Sizes

Our custom size options allow our customers to request the storage containers that would help them most. We can provide a wide range of container options, and sometimes it takes multiple containers of two sizes or more to suit your exact needs.

We have enough knowledge of storage container units to pick out the best collection of shipping container hire options in Dorset for your needs.

If you are looking for a specific set of storage containers or a custom order, then we can fulfil it to the best of our abilities.

Bespoke Work

If you need anything more specific – shipping container building, pre-prepared storage containers – then you can contact us directly.

Our Blandford Forum experts can get you the shipping containers you need with minimal hassle, allowing you to use your new containers as soon as possible.

A lot of our containers can be tailored for specific roles or used in very niche ways, and we want to ensure that our clients can get the results they are looking for.

We are happy to provide specific containers in certain ways or take charge of complex delivery requirements to ensure that different containers arrive across multiple work sites at the same time.

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Container Hire Costs

All of our Blandford Forum container costs are based on the overall value of the shipping container order, something that we attempt to keep to a reasonable price whenever possible. Our prices are fair, and we do our best to minimize delivery and collection costs whenever we can.

Since every container order is different, it can be hard to judge the exact costs involved, especially when you factor in container delivery and collection. Contact us and request a quote if you want to know more, or talk with some of our container hire experts.

We always aim for competitive rates, no matter which containers we are selling. In this case, “competitive rates” means a fair price for the container order you make compared to the rest of the market – something that makes a big difference with larger and more expensive containers.

The average cost of a container in Blandford Forum is £12 per week. This could be higher than £12 per week if you factor delivery costs into account, and larger containers will cost more per week.

Remember that costs per week may need to be multiplied if your hire is in months. Per-week amounts are still important to know overall for budgeting reasons, of course.

Option to Buy

We allow our customers to buy shipping container units from us if they prefer, either before or during the hire. This can include purchases at the off-hire point – if you still want to keep the container past off-hire, you can either arrange another hire or buy it outright.

Providing this option allows us to be more flexible. If you want to request purchase at off-hire, then our experts can talk over your container hire option to arrange a deal that will give you full ownership of the container itself.

Each container purchase can be under vastly different circumstances, so we work with every client individually to ensure that they get whatever they are looking for.

Benefits of Container Storage

Our storage container options are suitable for a wide range of uses in Blandford Forum, but the benefits are almost always the same.

A good container can make a huge difference to nearly any project, and a hire container can offer even more advantages on top of that. Being able to hire your containers means less commitment and lower costs, but without losing any of the core benefits.

Remember that there is no correct way to use a container. Our storage options are versatile and durable enough to serve multiple roles, whether that is basic storage, transport, shelter for important equipment, or even as a temporary office at an outdoor site.


Our Blandford Forum container hire options can be used in a variety of ways, from simple storage to creating entire container workspaces. There is no need to request a container for any specific purpose – our customers are free to use them as needed.


Our container hire units are easy to secure, providing more protection than other storage options. This allows you to leave business documents or equipment inside without worrying about anything being lost or stolen.


Each container we offer can be used at a range of different scales, storing as much as necessary while giving you far more control over how you actually use each container.


As standard shipping container options, our container hire units are compatible with each other container, as well as most third-party equipment or tools related to container management and usage.

Protection and Shelter

Our ISO shipping containers can provide excellent protection and shelter to both employees and equipment. This makes each container an effective tool for keeping important resources safe.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about our Blandford Forum container hire services or want to request a container order of your own, then get in touch right away.

Our experts can tell you any relevant information you need to know, from the minimum rental periods to the detailed delivery information regarding our business.

We can also help you pick out the perfect container for your needs, making sure that you understand everything you need to know about the options you are choosing.

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Is there a minimum hire period for shipping containers?

Our experts can break down any hire information you need to know, plus the minimum hire period. Expect between 3-4 weeks minimum for larger containers due to the difficulty in transporting them.

How are my storage containers delivered?

We have a fleet of delivery vehicles ready to move our UK containers around. Note that this delivery fleet is still based on availability – your delivery may be delayed slightly if the fleet vehicles are occupied with other delivery work.

Our fleet of vehicles is large enough that this should not normally happen. However, there is always a chance of delays – we try to factor these into delivery estimates.

Can I see the terms and conditions of a shipping container hire?

Check our website or contact our experts to find out the specifics behind our hire services.

Note that this can be subject to change, just like the content on our website may be subject to change – check our website or contact us if you want to be sure that you have up-to-date T&C information.


If you are looking for some of the best shipping container options on the market, then we know how to provide them. Our containers are incredibly versatile and can be hired in Blandford Forum, allowing you to get easy access to advanced storage without breaking your own budgetary limits.

Our Blandford Forum experts can walk you through every container we have on offer, breaking down the advantages and disadvantages behind each size or style. If you want to know more about a specific type, then you can contact us and let us know.

If you want to find out any more information about the services that we offer or the containers that we stock, get in touch. We are more than willing to talk over our options with potential customers, especially if you need some more in-depth information.

Whatever you choose, we are looking forward to working with you on your next project. Our containers can be a major contribution to all kinds of practical projects or storage areas, and we always do our best to ensure that the client walks away satisfied.

If you have any other questions, get in touch and ask us directly. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you get the hire options you need.

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"We weren't sure that the container delivery was going to arrive on time, but within a week, we had the container space we needed to store our construction equipment. We have already decided to use the same hire options for future construction projects going forward."

Andrew Meyer

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